Craft Brews at Long Trail Brewing Co. in Vermont

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There are plenty of excellent Vermont breweries scattered around the state, including right here in the Woodstock area. One of our local favorites is Long Trail Brewing, which is just 10 minutes down the road from our Bed and Breakfast in Woodstock, VT.

It’s no secret that wherever you go in Vermont, you’ll encounter locally crafted, artisan products – from the food you eat and the beer you drink to the handmade crafts you buy, you can expect much of what you encounter in Vermont to be hyper-local and rooted in community. That’s just as true for Vermont breweries like Long Trail Brewing Company! 

Whether you’re an avid craft beer enthusiast or a casual beer drinker, you’ll find something to love about Vermont breweries. Long Trail Brewing is one of the best-known Vermont breweries near us, but there are also two other fantastic spots to visit.

There are so many things to do in Woodstock, VT, and we’d love to be your home base while you explore Vermont’s most charming village. Book a room with us today! 

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craft beer at local Vermont Breweries near Woodstock, VT, like Long Trail Brewing

Discover the Craft Beer Scene at Long Trail Brewing

Long Trail Brewing, which takes its name inspiration from the similarly named Long Trail in Vermont, has long been a leader in Vermont’s craft beer scene. It’s located 10 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast in Woodstock, VT, just off Route 4 in Bridgewater. 

Long Trail Brewing was established in 1989, long before craft beer became a nationwide pop-culture phenomenon. Per its website, Long Trail Brewing calls itself the “caretaker of Vermont Craft” and prides itself on producing brews with flavors and profiles reminiscent of its local roots.

Their first beer, made in the basement of a Wool Mill, was Long Trail Ale. Long Trail Ale is the largest-selling Vermont beer and is a staple for many beer lovers around New England. It’s still produced today, along with other beers, some year-round staples and others seasonal in nature. Today, they have an incredible array of award-winning hand-crafted ales under the Long Trail, Otter Creek, and Shed brands.

Long Trail Brewing is located on the scenic banks of the Ottauquechee River and, in addition to great beer, features a fantastic restaurant and pub. Locally-souced ingredients shine on their seasonal menu, and there are at least a dozen beers on tap. The Long Trail Brewing Pub is open seven days a week and offers visitors the chance to sit inside or, during warmer weather, on their outdoor patio.  

Long Trail Brewing also hosts various events throughout the year, including live music throughout the summer. Though Long Trail Brewing will continue to serve its delicious lineup of beer at its Bridgewater location, they’ve recently merged with another popular Vermont Brewery, Harpoon Brewery. They, too, have a remarkable legacy in brewing locally-inspired craft beer in Vermont. 

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Stay at our luxury Woodstock, VT Bed and Breakfast, and tour local Vermont Breweries near Woodstock, VT, like Long Trail Brewing

2 More Great Vermont Breweries to Visit

It’s hard to go wrong with a visit to Long Trail Brewing, but it’s just one of three great Vermont Breweries worth visiting in the area! Like other aspects of Vermont’s local culture, wherever you go, you’ll find different styles and tastes to enjoy, all showcasing their unique spin on Vermont’s local flavors. 

After you’ve made the trek to Long Trail Brewing, here are the other nearby Vermont breweries we recommend visiting: 

  1. Harpoon Brewery itself is a great place to visit and is also deeply rooted in the Vermont community it serves. It’s located in Windsor and offers beer lovers a sensational variety to sample. 
  2. Though it’s smaller than Long Trail Brewing and Harpoon Brewery, that is part of what we love about River Roost Brewery. It’s also not too far from our Bed and Breakfast in Woodstock, VT, and offers a fun selection of staple and seasonal craft beers. 

It’s fun to visit these Vermont breweries in person, but you don’t have to go far to enjoy the best locally-crafted ales if you don’t want to. We always keep a fantastic supply of beer and a well-curated selection of wine and craft cocktails at our Bed and Breakfast in Woodstock, VT. You can enjoy them in our tavern during the chillier months or outside on our gorgeous grounds throughout the summer and fall. It’s just one more fantastic perk of staying with us at our Bed and Breakfast in Woodstock, VT. Book a room with us today! 

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