Two “Houses” – A New Local Partnership

Jackson House Inn, Woodstock Vermont

What a thrill to see our Jackson House Inn breakfast table set with Farmhouse Pottery!  Neighbors Zoe and James create stunning pieces just up the hill from the inn in Woodstock (literally “54 seconds” by car according to GoogleMaps).  We love that our guests enjoy water poured from a barrel jug, coffee sipped from silo mugs, dairy products and sugar packets from cream and sugar sets.  Borrowed from the Farmhouse website is a mission statement that clearly connects with our inn – “…Our work is our commitment to sustaining the farmer and the maker, the ones who are driven to explore and challenge themselves.”

Follow some of our pieces as they move from potter’s wheel to kiln to final touches and finally on The Jackson House Inn shelves and tables.  Truly a partnership we cherish and look forward to expanding.  Be sure to visit their online store and talk with us about visiting the Farmhouse workshop while you’re at The Jackson House.











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