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Jackson House Inn, Woodstock Vermont

From grub and cocktails to fine art and flowers – we’ve covered quite a bit since our blog relaunch in April. It’s been a blast traveling the area to meet new¬†business owners and reconnect with old friends. Cheddar & Gin has made it even more apparent how lucky we are to find ourselves in such a creative hub. Right here, in rural Vermont, we find people passionately pursuing a life ignited by an artisanal lifestyle.¬†We figured it’s about time that we rally up our top dogs to make things¬†a bit easier for you to follow. See below to get a little insight on us here at the Jackson House Inn, as well as the places we consider to be¬†well worth a¬†gander…

innkeeper & chef extraordinaire 

  1. Billings Farm – The focus is local with my picks. Billings is a mainstay here in Woodstock. They’ve got it all – history, animals, and a mansion. To gain true insight on Woodstock and Vermont’s agricultural history, I highly suggest going here. It’s an absolute must-see.
  2. Cloudland Farm – Our main man, Ira White, cooks up some major dishes with produce and meat straight from the farm. You can chow down on his three course menu and accompany it with your own wine or beer…all with a fantastic view of the Green Mountains. Atop the hill, Cloudland‘s restaurant and farm are a literal reflection of Vermont farm-to-table. To have this gem a mere 20 minutes from our inn is a real treat – you can’t beat it.
  3. Silo Distillery – Distilled on-site and infused with local ingredients, Silo Distillery‘s spirits make for¬†a really fun tasting experience. The copper still in their distilling room is a site to see itself! I suggest tasting their cucumber vodka – the perfect addition to a light, refreshing cocktail.
  4. Fable Farm – Throwing in a bonus one! I’m really excited for this feature-to-come…Fable Farm is a local favorite. In the summer months, every Thursday, the farm hosts local bands, flower sales, as well as a taco and ice cream stand. Bring your picnic supplies and be prepared to experience an idyllic Vermont evening.

innkeeper & hostess with the mostest

  1. Big Picture Farm – To this day, Louisa and Lucas’ story and my visit to their farm have¬†stuck with me. We experienced the farm in the midst of¬†kid season. And the way Louisa treated these babes…picking them up and kissing them on the cheek…it was absolutely precious to witness. I never had this close a look at the goat farming life. Big Picture makes¬†delicious products from the milk of such sweet little things!
  2. The Backroom – What I love about this place: the atmosphere and¬†going¬†with a special group of friends. It is the perfect¬†dinner¬†to enjoy and share in our¬†passion for¬†food. The Backroom‘s¬†intimate, cozy space makes the experience really special, and ideal to share with a group we don’t get to go out with often. It’s unlike anything¬†else. Plus, I really enjoyed the communal dining aspect. It never¬†hurts to make new friends while eating some delicious grub!
  3. Hall Art Foundation – Contemporary art takes me out of my comfort zone. The Hall Art Foundation¬†is special in that it took me to a place that combined my love for old farm structures with a different kind of art I had never focused on. I would admire¬†details, such as the buildings’ original door knobs and wooden beams, then turn to an art piece that made me go¬†woah.¬†I was completely fascinated with the¬†juxtaposition of contemporary art, housed in an old farmhouse and barns.

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  1. Stitchdown Farm – All my choices this week have to do with the¬†people. Each of these couples brings a unique, cool vibe to their brand. Andrew and Rita of Stitchdown are sincerely down-to-earth, and this theme runs throughout their¬†farming ideals as well. Yes, it’s wonderful to own a flower farm, tilled by horses and set amongst the bucolic¬†countryside. However, this couple doesn’t miss the chance to¬†have a little fun at the expense of the idyllic culture¬†embellished by today’s artisans.¬†At Stitchdown, there may be no elusive hands¬†holding a¬†bouquet of flowers (as we typically see flooding our Instagram feeds), but you will find zany chickens and eccentric pigs throughout Andrew and Rita‘s¬†social accounts. Revel in the amusement, and frequent¬†hilarity, of their¬†daily happenings on the farm – partake in Stitchdown’s seasonal CSA and wedding arrangements, or Farmrun‘s graphic design services.
  2. Homestyle Hostel – Unlike many of the new business owners settling in Vermont, Justin and Eliza are Green Mountain natives. And like many Vermonters, some time away made¬†them appreciate their hometown even more.¬†Eliza spent extended time at a treehouse hostel in¬†South America…automatically, I’m incredibly interested in Homestyle Hostel. This worldliness undoubtedly made its way to Vermont. The restaurant¬†has this awesome modern, eclectic¬†vibe. But the food and cocktails are where it’s at. I highly recommend the¬†Ginja Ninja cocktail and the Farmer’s Market Toast – both to die for!
  3. Red House – Matt and Britt Witt’s wares are brilliantly cool. Not only does this couple keep a chic, minimalist home (I’m obsessed with their yellow chairs and cognac couches), but I can also tell they have a wonderful sense of family. This is truly reflected in the designs they sell, as each piece has a purpose¬†in their day-to-day life as parents, artisans, and Vermonters. I’m personally drawn to utilitarian style, and Red House waxed canvas goods¬†with leather detailing strike me as an aesthetic I would love to see¬†in my home. My favorite picks from their line include this, this, and this.

(all of today’s photos c/o Kelby Cushman)

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